Weaner Heifers: G. Ahearn Droughtmaster x509.2c/kg $1306.95/head
Weaner Steers: B & K Panitz Red Angus x 629.2c/kg $1397.35/head
Trade Feeder Steers: Lyne Bros Angus x523.2c/kg $2171.78/head
Trade Feeder Steers: Ben Beling Santa x533.2c/kg $2226.11/head
Trade Feeder Heifers: R Dunning Santa x491.2c/kg $1749.90/head
Heavy Feeder Steers: C & U Hannigan Charolais x483.2c/kg $2319.36/head
Heavy Feeder Steers: Australian Horsemanship Santa x482.2c/kg $2080.35/head
0/2 Tooth Export Steers: Noel Sippel Red Angus x413.2c/kg $2494.70/head
4 Tooth Ox: W & K Robinson Santa x403.2c/kg $2434.32/head
4 Tooth Heifers: G Harris Droughtmaster 395.2c/kg $2094.56/head
6 Tooth Heifers: M. Baker Brahman x389.2c/kg $1936.27/head
Pens of Heavy Cows: N & D Oconnor Limo x356.2c/kg $2059.28/head
Heavy Cows: D & T Lukritz Simmental x360.0c/kg $2646.00/head
Medium Cows: M. Baker Droughtmaster x338.2c/kg $1924.36/head
Heavy Bulls: R Dunning Limo x353.2c/kg $3320.08/head

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 375 head of cattle. The export cattle were in strong demand this week selling to a dearer market. Cows and bullocks saw rises of 10-15cents a kilogram. The heavy feeder market remained unchanged with the trade feeders improving slightly. The weaners and yearlings are still in very strong demand as numbers continue to tighten. Vealers to kill sold to a slightly dearer market.

Moreton Sale Report 31/08/2021

Cows sell for $3.60/kg to return $2059.28/head
Weaner Steers sell for 629.2c/kg to return $1397.35/head

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