Weaner Heifers Taylor Schofiled Graz Santa x525.2c/kg $1035
Weaner Steers Warrigal Farms Santa574.2c/kg $1299
Weaner Steers John Price Charolais x497.2c/kg $1678
Vealer Heifers G V Brewster Limo x499.2c/kg $1128
Trade Feeder Steers A & S King Droughtmaster x472.2c/kg $1773
Trade Feeder Heifers S & R Corcoran Brangus x458.2c/kg $1798
Heavy Feeder Steers R B Investments Droughtmaster484.2c/kg $2317
4 Tooth Pasture Ox Suzy Fogg Charolais x400.0c /kg $2443
4 Tooth Pasture Heifers R Billiau Santa387.2c/kg $2252
Manufacturing Ox J Collingwood Charolais x379.2c/kg $2794
Overweight Ox P Mahony Charbray x370.0c/kg $3112
Heavy Cows Two Tons Stock & Plant Charolais x339.2c/kg $2153
Medium Cows Andrew Kay Brangus x320.2c/kg $1673
Heavy Bulls Karreman Quarries Charolais x350.0c/kg $3132

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 430 head of cattle. Today’s market remained firm on last weeks exceptional rates. A good yarding of export bullocks came to hand selling to strong panel of buyers. The quality of this week’s cow yarding was down with the market remaining fully firm. A smaller yarding of lesser quality feeder came to hand with the prices easing slightly. The Backgrounder and vealer market remained strong.

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