Vealer Heifers P & L Laycock Droughtmaster 399.2c/kg $978
Vealer Steers P & L Laycock Droughtmaster X409.2c/kg $998
Restocker Heifers L & T Coleman Simmental X 391.2c/kg $929
Restocker Steers Tania Coleman Simmental X 429.2c/kg $1051
Restocker Steer Calves Mt Maroon Grazing Santa X435.2c/kg $718
Grain Assist Steers Symbol D Grazing Charolais X 393.2c/kg $1582
Grain Assist Heifers Symbol D Grazing Charolais X 379.2c/kg $1782
Heavy Feeder Steers H & M Williams Charbray393.2c/kg $1616
Light Feeder Steers P & S Ballin Angus X412.2c/kg $1483
Feeder Heifers JR Josey Charolais X 379.2c/kg $1327
Four Tooth Grass Heifers G & D Francis Santa X 348.2c/kg $1767
Cows PD & MA Scheu Euro X 304.2c/kg $1764
Pen of Cows MF & NA Sprenger Santa X 298.2c/kg $1807
Dairy Culls PD & MA Scheu Friesian 272.2c/kg $2048
Bulls A & B Little Brangus304.2c/kg $2448

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 353 head of cattle. Export cattle sold to a dearer market with a full panel of buyers in attendance. A better line up of feeder steers came to hand and sold to dearer rates than previous weeks. Grain assist trade cattle were also dearer than last week’s rates. Fresh conditioned vealers sold to a stronger market. Restocker cattle remain in short supply and are selling to exceptionally strong rates.

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