Weaner Heifers: I & C Coyne Limo x555.2c/kg - $1326.93/head
Weaner Steers: W & P Adamson Charolais x649.2c/kg - $1545.10/head
Trade Feeder Heifers: G & J Cahill Charolais x529.2c/kg - $1966.86/head
Heavy Feeder Steers: Keith Duncan Angus x514.2c/kg - $2189.02/head
Grain Fed Steers: P & N Blyton Limo x479.2c/kg - $2036.60/head
6 Tooth Steers: M & K Conroy Angus x405.2c/kg - $2552.76/head
4 Tooth Steers: Glenlee Farming Brahman x412.2c/kg - $2390.76/head
4 Tooth Heifers: C. Stephan Charolais x413.2c/kg - $1983.36/head
6 Tooth Heifers: Eric Ruhland Droughtmaster x394.2c/kg - $1793.61/head
Heavy Pens of Cows: A. Walsh Hereford x359.2c/kg - $2173.16/head
Heavy Cows: K & J Horrex Angus x367.2c/kg - $2239.92/head
Heavy Cows: Nindethana Past Droughtmaster367.2c/kg - $2597.94/head
Medium Cows: B & D & D Shirley Brahman343.2c/kg - $1716.00/head
Heavy Bulls: A & M Marshall Angus 382.2c/kg - $3076.71/head

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 398 head of cattle. The export market this week reached new highs as numbers of heavy cattle shorten. The trade feeder market strengthened with quality lines of feeder heifers coming to hand achieving record results. Vealers and yearlings improved in value as restockers out-compete processors as quality lines are getting hard to secure. Grain fed were in short supply, those yarded sold exceptionally well.

Trade Feeder Heifers - Account G & J Cahill sold to 529.2c/kg to return $1966.86
Heavy Cows - Account K & J Horrex sold for 367.2c/kg to return $2239.92

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