Weaner Heifers: Yarrimbah Past Co Euro x654.2c/kg - $1714.00/head
Weaner Steers: Stokes Farms Charolais x784.2c/kg - $2401.61/head
Yearling Males: New Water Feedlot Droughtmaster x547.2c/kg - $2134.08/head
Weaner Males: J2X P/L Droughtmaster x774.2c/kg - $1316.14/head
Feeder Heifers: M & S Downes Brangus x599.2c/kg - $2274.46/head
Trade Feeder Steers: M & S Downes Santa x611.2c/kg - $2249.98/head
Trade Feeder Steers: A & H Ahern Charbray x613.2c/kg - $2232.05/head
Grain Fed Steers: J & T Bell Limousin515.2c/kg - $2679.04/head
Feeder Bullocks: B & M Scheiwe Charolais 573.2c/kg - $2457.49/head
Medium Cows: Grant Ward Brangus 400.0c/kg - $1700.85/head
Medium Cows: Merindah Cattle Co: Charolais x400.0c/kg - $1820.00/head
Heavy Cows: David Marshall Droughtmaster387.2c/kg - $2226.40/head
Heavy Bulls: A & H Ahern Charbray323.2c/kg - $2860.32/head
Cows and Calves: Sean Ryan Brahman x$3300/unit

Charolais x Weaner Steers sell to $2401/head

Agents Boyd O’brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 511 head of cattle on Tuesday. A good yarding of lighter feeder cattle came to hand selling to strong competition. A good line up of cows came to hand and sold firm on last week’s exceptional market. The heavy bull market remained unchanged on last weeks rates. Grain fed trade sold to strong competition as numbers remain tight. The heavy feeder market remained firm on last weeks rates.


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