Weaner Heifers: Dan Piacun Charbray x564.2c/kg - $902.72/head
Weaner Steers: TSME Services Brahman x629.2c/kg - $1216.45/head
Backgrounder Heifers: Abercorn Pastoral Co. Charolais x521.2c/kg - $1619.44/head
Trade Feeder Heifers: Broomfield Grazing Co. Charolais x505.2c/kg - $1919.76/head
Trade Feeder Steers: M & S Downes Brangus x523.2c/kg - $1958.73/head
Heavy Feeder Steers: Shine Bro's Charolais x483.2c/kg - $2077.76/head
Grain Fed Steers: Jon Bowden Charolais x531.2c/kg - $1965.44/head
4 Tooth Feeder Heifers Brisbane Valley Protein Santa x431.2c/kg - $1683.84/head
Heavy Cows: L & P Haynes Charolais x377.2c/kg - $2885.58/head
Heavy cows: ND Hoger Charolais x370.2c/kg - $2646.93/head
Pens of Medium Cows: J & V Olive Brahman385.2c/kg - $2235.64/head
Dairy Cull Cows: Oakwood Machinery & Livestock Friesian x320.0c/kg - $1786.67/head
Heavy Bulls: John Doonan Limo 364.2c/kg - $2767.92/head

Agents Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 462 head of cattle. An outstanding line of Brahman cows came to hand and exceeded all expectations, selling to new highs. Limited number of export heifers and Ox were yarded. Both feeders and backgrounders sold to a solid market. A lesser quality yarding of vealers and yearlings came to hand with the market remaining strong for all descriptions.

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