Yearling Heifers: M & M Self Charolais x521.2 - $1819
Yearling Steers: From Enterprises D'master x542.2 - $2087
Light Backgrounder Steers: Christmas Creek Pork D'master x581.2 - $1598
Light Backgrounder Steers: Buaraba Downs D'master x619.2 - $1844
Light Steer Calves: Glen Chadim Pty Ltd Charolais x637.2 - $1338
Feeder Heifers: P Ballin Charolais x505.2 - $1907
Light Feeder Steers: R Paddison D'master x517.2 - $1823
Mid Weight Feeder Steers: Palisco Pty Ltd Angus x539.2 - $2147
2 Tooth Pasture Steers: Boonah Livestock Santa x460.0 - $2656
Full Mouth Bullocks: R Hughes Euro x393.2 - $2935
Medium Weight Cows: B & M Neumann D'master x366.2 - $1904
Heavy Prime Cows: Mt Maroon Grazing Santa x363.2 - $3105
Prime Cows: R & H Milner Angus x372.2 - $1972
Pens of Cows: T Ward Past Co Charbray x365.2 - $2337

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 322 head of cattle. All descriptions eased slightly, with quality lines still achieving great results. A handy line of feeder steers and heifers came to hand and sold to a less enthusiastic panel of buyers than previous weeks. Some lines of heavy cows and ox sold slightly easier but returned well.

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