Light Weaner Steers: Randle Day Droughtmaster x684.2c/kg - $1299.98/head
Yearling Steers: John Doonan Limo x629.2c/kg - $2170.74/head
Trade Feeder Steers: B. Harmer Droughtmaster x533.2c/kg - $2041.39/head
Trade Feeder Steers: B & K Diete Angus x539.2c/kg - $2129.84/head
Export Feeder Steers: Yawarra P/L Santa x535.2c/kg - $2270.78/head
Export Feeder Steers: Ray Lutter Braford x533.2c/kg - $2212.78/head
Grain Fed Trade: R & C Shackell Simbrah x541.2c/kg - $1934.79/head
Manufacturing Ox: K & J Drynan Droughtmaster x419.2c/kg - $2452.32/head
4 Tooth Past Heifers: B & K Diete Charolais x460.2c/kg - $2738.09/head
Pens of Cows: KDS Partnership Droughtmaster x413.2c/kg - $2298.43/head
Heavy Cows: T & A Enterprises Charbray x414.2c/kg - $2423.07/head
Heavy Bulls: C & A Petersen Droughtmaster 385.2c/kg - $3601.62/head
Medium Bulls: T. Friend Droughtmaster 388.2c/kg - $2697.99/head

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 205 head. Due to the welcomed rain across the southeast corner. All descriptions were in short supply. The market improved for cows and bullocks. Heavy feeder remained firm with the trade feeders selling very well. Yearling were in short supply, with strong competition from both processors and keen restockers.

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