Light Weaner Steers Olson Homestead Droughtmaster705.2c./kg $1428.03/head
Yearling Steers B & A McLoughlin Limo x719.2c/kg $1905.88/head
Trade Feeder Steers Wood N Wheels Holdings Droughtmaster545.2c/kg $1958.18/head
Feeder Steers Palmer Steel Brahman503.2c/kg $2136.08/head
Grain Fed Trade Jeremy Russell Senepol x527.2c/kg $1818.84/head
Manufacturing Ox Glamorganvale Trust Droughtmaster x438.2c/kg $2120.89/head
4 Tooth Pasture Ox O'Briens Transport Santa456.2c/kg $2820.84/head
4 Tooth Pasture Heifers O'Briens Transport Santa449.2c/kg $2421.94/head
Heavy Cows B & A McLoughlin Charbray x411.2c/kg $2837.28/head
Heavy Bulls T Yore Charbray x379.2c/kg $3090.48/head

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 421 head. Today’s market remained extremely strong with the backgrounder and yearling cattle continuing to rise in price. The export cows, bullocks and bulls remained fully firm on last weeks strong rates as processors compete fiercely to secure numbers. Feeder cattle remain in short supply. A line of Brahman feeder steers came to hand and sold extremely well. Vealers and yearling to process continue to rise as keen restockers drive the market higher.

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