Weaner Steers R Nowlands & P Walsh Speckle Park403.2 c/kg - $826/head
Weaner Heifers J2X P/L Santa X307.2 c/kg - $1167/head
Backgrounder Steers J Gardiner Droughtmaster X361.2 c/kg - $1153/head
Feeder Steers V & J Slingsby Limo X350.2 c/kg - $1250/head
2 Tooth Pasture Heifers Hills Family Trust Droughtmaster 297.2c/kg - $1411/head
6 Tooth Ox F. Klan Droughtmaster313.2 c/kg - $2004/head
Pens of Cows F. Klan Droughtmaster276.2 c/kg - $1539/head
Heavy Cows Rahane Pastoral Charbray X276.2c/kg - $2389/head
Medium Cows T & S Oppermann Brahman X275.2 c/kg - $1637/head
Bulls D. Cahill Charolais 267.2c/kg - $2191/head

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a reduced yarding of 202. During another short kill week numbers were again limited. Quality was overall good with lines of weaners yarded. Export cattle sold at firm rates to pre easter. Trade and feeder cattle were in limited supply and also sold at firm rates. Yearlings and weaners remained the bulk of the offering and sold to improved rates to local and western buyers.

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