Weaner Steers Roberts Bros Holding Charolais X394.2c/kg - $733/head
Weaner Heifers Roberts Bros Holding Charolais X322.2c/kg - $622/head
Backgrounder Steers Greenfields Pastoral Droughtmaster X392.2c/kg - $1006/head
Trade Feeder Steers G. Busch Simmental X349.2c/kg - $1342/head
Grain Assist Steers J & R Mercer Charbray329.2c/kg - $2551/head
2 Tooth Pasture Heifers G & L Bischoff Droughtmaster314.2c/kg - $1586/head
4 Tooth Grain Heifers J & R Mercer Charbray 315.2c/kg - $2038/head
6 Tooth Ox K & L Jackson Charolais X317.2c/kg - $1919/head
Pens of Cows J & R Mercer Charbray280.2c/kg - $1922/head
Heavy Cows R & B Toft Droughtmaster X272.2c/kg - $1680/head
Medium Cows D & J Speedy Droughtmaster X275.2c/kg - $1513/head
Bulls J & R Mercer Charbray285.2c/kg - $2167/head

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported an increased yarding of 504 head. The export market saw an increase of 5-10 cents a kilo on the better cows and bullock, with the plainer conditioned cows holding firm. Heavy bulls sold to improved rates. More trade cattle came to hand, selling to improved rates. A lesser quality line of weaners and yearlings were yarded and sold firm on last weeks rates.

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