Bobby Calves: BK & LP Reck Dairy x$659.50/head
Light Dairy Weaner Males: BK & LP Reck Dairy x564.2c/kg - $930.93/head
Light Dairy Weaner Heifers: BK & LP Reck Dairy x500.0c/kg - $1200.00/head
Trade Feeder Steers: Carbon Farmland Fund Droughtmaster x549.2c/kg - $1866.09/head
Trade Feeder Steers: J & B Bishop Charolais x547.2c/kg - $2024.64/head
Trade Feeder Heifers: M K Conroy Charolais x527.2c/kg - $1871.56/head
Export Feeder Steers: N & L Ford Droughtmaster x538.2c/kg - $2206.62/head
Grain Fed Trade: T. Griffith Brangus x535.2c/kg - $1819.68/head
Manufacturing Ox: Roebig Brangus x433.2c/kg - $2934.93/head
0/2 Tooth Past Ox: G Theuerkauf Santa457.2c/kg - $2488.07/head
4 Tooth Past Heifers: John Drynan Charolais x456.2c/kg - $2463.48/head
Heavy Cows: D & M Heck Charolais x411.2c/kg - $2357.55/head
Heavy Cows: John Drynan Simbrah x410.2c/kg - $2215.08/head
Dairy Culls: Oakwood Mach. Livestock Friesian 339.2c/kg - $2089.47/head
Heavy Bulls: W & C Sutherland Santa 370.2c/kg - $2834.03/head

Agents Boyd O’Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 280 head of cattle. With some welcomed rain across a wide area, numbers remained short. The export market remained very strong with cows and bullocks all improving by 8-10 cents. A good line of feeder bullocks came to hand and sold to a strong panel of buyers. Very few vealers and yearling were yarded this week. A large line of dairy x weaners and calves came to hand and sold exceptionally well.

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